A pioneering Greek company, founded in 1973, Iktinos Hellas has been for two generations now a leader in its field and has expanded its activities in the field of architecture and design by inaugurating “IKT Marmaron”. More specifically, the third daughter of the family, Lydia Chaida, along with her husband Francesco Pomarici, having 25 years in the sector of marble, envisioned a company that will offer to its collaborators and clients services and implementations of high quality by merging this experience with innovation and design. As a result, IKT Marmaron was launced.

By means of its verticalized operation, IKT Marmaron is able to serve high specification composite projects, hundreds of marble and natural rock formations of exceptional beauty from Greece, Italy and all over the world, cutting and processing workshops, a sales network in Greece and Italy, and an extensive and strong sales network abroad. Capitalizing on the company’s many years of experience and the high standards of know-how, IKT Marmaron is investing in innovation and pioneering architectural applications and services.


IKT Marmaron brings marble into our everyday lives by opening up a direct approach to the raw material and providing professionals and individuals with personalized solutions.

In a realm of high-quality aesthetics, you have the opportunity to discover at first hand a range of unique marbles and natural rock formations from Greece and the whole world. Expert advisers and technical teams are able to support you throughout the process, from the selection of suitable materials to the final application and installation.

At IKT Marmaron, architects and designers are able to commission the realisation of their designs from a marble company, thus dispensing with any time-consuming explanations and analyses after the joint selection of marble.



A natural material of enduring value, resilience, and unlimited potential which from the time of its first discovery down to the present has been associated with emblematic expressions of architecture and art.

Every kind of marble is unique and bears the ‘signature’ of its origin. Its individual colourings and quality characteristics are due to its mineralogical composition and its natural process of formation, making it one of Nature’s works of art.

IKT Marmaron makes it possible to choose from more than 200 marble types and natural rock formations of exceptional beauty, from Greece, Italy and all over the world, which meet the needs of any use or application. All the rock formations used,  undergo a certified, environment-friendly process of weatherproofing which ensures suitability for use and renders them non – absorbent.